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Tools & Resources
In our continuing effort to provide independent and strategic insight on critical compensation issues, Presidio Pay Advisors offers a number of tools and resources to assist with your continuing compensation needs.
Compensation Resources
Presidio Pay's Compensation Resources are quick reference guides intended to be a roadmap for addressing critical compensation issues that companies face.
Focal Review Checklist
This checklist outlines how companies can address the critical end-of-year compensation administration and performance evaluation issues, including identifying the need for salary structure adjustments, administering annual merit increases, and communicating pay decisions to employees.
Managing Salaries In Tough Times
A constrained budget makes for difficult decision making and companies need to be sure scarce compensation dollars are spent as effectively as possible. This “Top Ten” list summarizes some of the possible approaches for allocating merit increases and why (or why not) to use them.
Executive Compensation Checklist
This checklist outlines how companies can address the critical end-of-year executive compensation issues including those raised by FAS 123R, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the modified SEC disclosure rules.
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Presidio Pay White Papers
Presidio Pay white papers are free topical white papers covering key total rewards issues and strategies for human resources and compensation professionals.
IPO Executive Compensation Trends: 2002 - 2009
Presidio Pay recently completed an analysis of IPO executive compensation and financial data in companies that went public from 2002 to 2009. This summary report presents our findings on CEO total compensation and pay mix, ownership trends, and equity compensation.

The data used to conduct this summary analysis come from the IPO Pay ReporterTM, our proprietary online compensation database.

Reframing Pay for Performance In Biotech Companies
A recent study of 113 companies on the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index by Presidio Pay Advisors indicates that Compensation Committees at biotechnology companies are creating stronger alignment between cash compensation for key executives to industry-specific measures of company success.
Preparing Compensation Programs For Life As A Public Company
Prior to IPO, companies need to consider the significant changes in the way competitive compensation programs are structured and delivered. This white paper discusses background information on what it means to be a public company, the impact on the primary components of a competitive pay package and related issues.
Total Compensation Planning for Mergers and Acquisitions
In this issue of Obstacles & Opportunities, we discuss key issues that human resources professionals face and the planning considerations associated with a merger or acquisition.
Issues and Alternatives for Underwater Stock Options
Presidio Pay weighs the pros and cons of an option repricing and presents a number of alternatives for companies whose stock options are underwater.
The Trouble With Options
Stock options can create incentives for executives to take excessive short-term risks. With stock options, executives benefit financially from risks that pay off but don't have any financial implications for risks that don't pay off. This white paper elaborates on this issue and calls for a different role for equity in executive compensation.
The New Era of Equity-Based Incentives
In this edition of Obstacles & Opportunities, we look at key issues that you will face as your company transitions to the new FASB standard, including choosing a valuation methodology, selecting the appropriate type of equity-based incentives, and ways your company can balance the need to drive employee performance and maintain a retention hook against concerns of diluting of shareholder value.
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Compensation Tools
Presidio Pay's Compensation Tools are intended to be useful tools for conducting compensation analysis and identifying potential compensation issues in your company or organization.
Salary GPS
Presidio Pay Advisors' Salary Grade Positioning System (Salary GPS) is a diagnostic tool for companies to analyze employee pay levels within their salary structure. Salary GPS is particularly helpful as preparations begin for year-end performance evaluations, merit increases, and next fiscal year budget planning. The tool is designed to convert your salary ranges to “thirds” – lower, middle, and upper – with each third representing the desired salary positioning for certain types of employees. Simply plug in your company’s salary structure and employee data and the model will output a report on the salary grade positioning for each incumbent.
Merit Manager
Presidio Pay Advisors' Merit Manager model is a salary management and diagnostic tool that helps companies determine where budget dollars are best spent. The Merit Manager can help with: • Developing merit increase budgets • Allocating budget dollars across functional areas or job families • Modeling the impact of individual merit increase decisions • Identifying acceptable trade-offs for constrained budgets • Assessing a company’s salary management patterns
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